Each year, it is reported that more than 1.5 million people suffer from infections received while at a health care facility. This shouldn’t come as a great shock as medical offices are where people who spread infectious germs gather. So it would make perfect sense for a medical office to hire a cleaning service to help reduce the risk of infection. You see, we don’t just offer cleaning services for San Antonio commercial office space and commercial businesses, we also specialize in cleaning medical offices.

While it is critical that exam rooms and labs are cleaned and sanitized, it is just as crucial that the rest of the office is cleaned as well. The very same hands that check your pulse rate and examine your tonsils also grasp drawer handles and type on keyboards in their offices. That is, the doctors that examine you also spend time in other parts of their facilities, so all parts of the facility needs to be clean and sanitized, not just the exam room. The point we are trying desperately to make is that it is best to hire a cleaning service to ensure the entire medical facility is properly cleaned.

The cleaning of healthcare facilities is fulfilled for medical as well as cultural reasons. Maintaining an environment with a low pathogen burden is critical in avoiding unnecessary complications. A healthy and aesthetically pleasing facility with clean surfaces is comforting for the patients as it gives them an impression of quality care.

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