If you think that just because the bathrooms at your office look clean it means they are clean, then you really need to read this post. Nothing scares away customers and clients more than a dirty bathroom. And nothing cements an attitude of apathy with employees more than bathrooms that are less than perfect in cleanliness. Sure, at first glance your bathroom at the office may look clean, but rest assured anybody using your facilities will take due note on that mysterious stain in the stall or the pooling water under the sink. And yes, they will think unkindly about your office. The state of your office bathroom indeed speaks volumes about the state of your business. Don’t allow filthy bathrooms to leave your clients and employees with a negative impression, do something about it. Utilize professional office cleaning services for your San Antonio office and stop suffering from scary bathrooms.

Look, having staff clean the office bathrooms just isn’t working out. They don’t have time to do a proper job and can’t keep up with the task on a daily basis. Not only that, we would venture a guess that it’s a job they would rather not have to deal with. Think about this; a dirty looking bathroom is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The bottom line concerning your dirty bathroom is that you stand to suffer employee illness and absenteeism from the unsanitary conditions. You stand to lose sales or clients based on the condition of your bathrooms. This is no joking matter, your dirty bathrooms will hurt your bottom line. Solving this problem is easy, all it takes is one simple phone call. We are waiting.