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Professional office cleaning services in San Antonio don’t have to be impersonal. At Master’s Touch, we believe in a bigger range of services, and in the end, a better quality of services. When you work with our team, whether your business is a museum or just a small office space, you get the attention to detail of true building maintenance professionals. But we don’t just stop there.

The Master’s Touch professionals offer a greener, cleaner, clean that comes with a dedication that just can’t be beat on the building maintenance market. Our highly skilled employees are passionate about every project they do, and because of this, every clean we provide, comes with a personal touch that makes having a clean building even better. Whether that means dusting machines fully in-between pipes wires and valves or cleaning displays that need special attention and care, our team is prepared to give your business the perfect clean every time.

So, you may be thinking “That sounds great! But- would they clean a business like mine?” Well, the answer is yes. We clean business all across the board. Here are just a few examples of businesses we’ve cleaned in the past.

  • General Offices (large and small)
  • Auto dealerships
  • Fitness centers
  • Daycare centers
  • Aviation centers
  • Transportation centers
  • Banking and finance services
  • Biopharma
  • Commerce businesses
  • Golf courses
  • Healthcare buildings
  • High-tech buildings
  • Property managed buildings
  • Places of higher education
  • District buildings
  • Industrial/ manufacturing buildings
  • Senior homes/ living
  • Sports centers
  • Entertainment centers
  • Security offices

The list doesn’t end there. Call Master’s Touch today, and find out how we can make your cleaning experience better!


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What people are saying about us:


New Braunfels, Texas

“They were very attentive to all the spots that concerned us, and ensured we were satisfied with the level of cleanliness. I was very happy with the communication throughout the process. Price was less than most while quality was better than what we have ever experienced in the past. Highly recommend!”


Deborah Banks


San Antonio, Texas

Our go to cleaning company for 4 years now. They keep our facility in pristine condition.  From top to bottom. Cleaning technicians are always on time, and the utmost professionalism and courtesy. No matter what type of cleaning you are looking for call the team over at Master’s Touch and they will get you taken care of.


Joyce Wheeler