1. Three Reasons You Need Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Your Office

    When is the last time you had a professional commercial cleaning cleaning service come to your San Antonio office or retail store? Many businesses wait too long between their carpet cleaning sessions. They may put it off because they are trying to cut corners on costs, or they may think that because they are a small business their employees don’t mind a dirty carpet. There are some major drawbac…Read More

  2. 3 Ways a Professional Office Cleaning Service Can Improve Your San Antonio Business

    If you ask, the majority of people will tell you that they hired professional cleaners to make their home or office building spotless for one very important reason: They hate cleaning. While this is a very valid reason seek out the help of a cleaning company, there are several other reasons you should consider doing so, especially if you own your own business or commercial space in San Antonio. B…Read More

  3. What to Look For in Finding a Janitorial Service Company

    There will come a time when a professional janitorial service in San Antonio will be needed. You may need help in cleaning your home or office. But, you would be making a fatal mistake if you go for just any commercial cleaning in San Antonio that comes your way. There are important factors to consider when choosing a janitorial service provider. By the time you read this piece to the end, you wil…Read More

  4. Start 2016 Off Right With a Clean, Fresh Start!

    The New Year is a time that many of us will be making resolutions to take advantage of the fresh start of a new year. Our San Antonio cleaning company wants to help you have a fresh, clean start for your New Year with our commercial and residential cleaning services! We can visit your home or office and clean everything from top to bottom so you can start the year off right. We don't specialize in…Read More

  5. Why More Customers Trust Us For Their San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Needs

    We know that when it comes to San Antonio carpet cleaning services, we aren't the only choice out there. That's why we're proud that more customers are choosing our carpet cleaning services over any other. We work hard to earn and keep our customers business by providing top-rated services at a great price. The Better Business Bureau gives as an A-rating for customer care, and we have outstanding…Read More

  6. How Our Locally Owned Janitorial Service in San Antonio Beats the Competition

    The janitorial service you choose for your San Antonio business should do more than give you a great sales pitch; they should deliver on their promises. We've heard from many of our customers who left the large franchise cleaning companies and came to us that while their initial pitch was great, they didn't deliver. These customers ended up getting locked into a year-long contract with a cleaning …Read More

  7. Tile and Grout Cleaning in San Antonio

    Cleaning your tile and grout is essential to keeping your building looking great on the inside. Business owners have enough to worry about and having to clean their tiles should not be one of them. The cleaning specialists that we have take great pride in striving to be the best tile and grout cleaners in San Antonio. Not only do we have the best employees but we use a state of the art professiona…Read More

  8. Step-Up the Beauty of Commercial Flooring with Professional Floor Stripping & Wax

    Successful people strive to put their best foot forward, making each step count in the pursuit of a goal. When those steps to success are taken on immaculately maintained, gorgeous floors, people can’t help but feel more confident with each step they take! To achieve beauty in many types of flooring, the process of floor stripping is required to remove debris and wax build-up, which renders floo…Read More

  9. Personal, Profession & Polished Cleaning Services

    Professional office cleaning services in San Antonio don’t have to be impersonal. At Master’s Touch, we believe in a bigger range of services, and in the end, a better quality of services. When you work with our team, whether your business is a museum or just a small office space, you get the attention to detail of true building maintenance professionals. But we don’t just stop there. The Ma…Read More

  10. No Office Is Too Large For Our Professional Cleaning Teams

    For the everyday Joe, cleaning an entire museum seems like some sort of weird Night At The Museum type of nightmare. You know, like the beginning of Night At The Museum where Ben Stiller get chased by all the exhibits that have come to life. But this nightmare has the added twist of having to dust all the exhibits, sanitize all the railings, clean all the glass, and vacuum all the walk ways. It re…Read More